Can Dagarslani - 'Serenity'

Istanbul based architect and artist, Can Dagarslani recently released his series titled 'Serenity', a colourful and playful exploration of space and how people interact with it

The series is based around an elderly couple from Germany, Adolfo and Gertrud and looks to examine their relationship with each other in this environment.

The collection of photos seeks to examine the couples search for calmness and peace with each; with many of the photos focusing on the symmetry between the two people in their setting.

Coming from an architecture background, Dagarslani's focus on symmetry and 'Serenity' is understandable. The use of buildings and structures throughout the shoot is interesting to examine in contrast with the couple. They seem perfectly contempt and at ease throughout and this is definitely down to the atmosphere that Dagarslani has set and has led to him being able to capture.

You can check out the rest of Can Dagarslani's work on his website or follow him on his instagram.

Adam Nolan-Horan
24th September 2017

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