Owen De Forge - Portrait Artist

Irish Artists: FAC shows off the works of portrait artist, Owen De Forge.

I started painting with oils about a year ago. It was something I’d always wanted to try but I had this idea that you had to be a real artist first. After painting in my bedroom, choking on turpentine fumes for a while, I got inspired to clear out some space in the garage. Working out there is a good step towards having a proper studio. It creates some mental distance between work and home, even if it’s only down the back of the garden.

People interest me more than anything else, especially faces and posture. I try to create a mood with every painting. Sometimes I want the viewer to identify with the subject but other times things can be more dark or ambiguous.

I want to get more into abstraction. It’s a much harder way to convey emotion but when when an artist gets it right it feels so right. At the moment I’m just throwing paint around to see what works.

You can see a selection of Owen's Paintings below and some shots in his studio.

Owen De Forge

15 September 2017

Photography: Zak Milofsky

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