Graffiti Dublin: FAC are showcasing the works of graffiti and street artists in Dublin. This time we take a look at EVOKE.

When discussing illegal painting and if graffiti is an acceptable art form, nobody divides public opinion in Dublin as much as this man. A comment on a boards.ie post described him as:

'Some dunce called evoke pissed his idotic scribbling up recently on a massive stretch around Bluebell and Drimnagh. it is absolute crap and I just hope someone catches him in the act.'

Yet to many he is everything in Dublin Graffiti at the moment. A true street artist with insane productivity. If you are able to walk down any road in Dublin without seeing his name then you are doing well. He is a myth, a name you see everywhere, but someone you don't know, unless you are lucky enough to have had the pleasure to meet him in person.

There isn't much else you can say about him though or deserve to really. He is King of this city.

So look at a collection of some of his pieces below.

Adam Nolan-Horan

20th September 2017

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