Here at FAC, we are going to showcase the works of graffiti and street artists in Dublin. This week we are looking at ACHES.

Anybody that has walked through a city has seen, stopped or taken photos of graffiti. Yet, the question of whether it is an art form always comes into question. Here at FAC, we 100% believe it is, with as much composition, colour and thought going into some pieces as fine art painting, the only thing that changes between the two is the time allowed to complete a piece, and the canvas that the artist uses.

ACHES has been painting on and off for the last ten years, repping the HOG and HUK crews during this time. He has commented that:

'my style at the minute is handstyle based letters that i try to switch up slightly each time I go to a wall. I have been messing around with colour and opacity and recently with additive and subtractive colour.'

See a short collection of his work below:

Adam Nolan-Horan

19 August 2017

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