'Stoned in Melanchol' - Megan Doherty

Irish Artists: Having had her compositions featured on the likes of Dazed & Confused, Somewhere Magazine and The New York Magazine, Megan has lent her series titled 'Stoned in Melanchol' to FAC.
 Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Megan has commented that her aim for the series was to:

'Transform the banality and monotony of small-town life into an alternate reality of sorts; my work serves as a form of escapism for both my subjects and myself. These photographs document urban youth within Derry, Northern Ireland - each scene providing a glimpse into an underground subculture, and each dominated by a narrative of its own.

Focused predominantly on themes of youth, subculture, freedom, sexuality and identity, these photographs aim to blur the line between reality and fantasy, and ultimately, serve as a form of escapism for the viewer.'

Here are links to Megan's Instagram, Facebook and website.

Check out the series below.

Megan Doherty
30th September 2017

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