'America Through Irish Eyes' - Zak Milofsky

FAC Presents a photo series by Fine Art Media Graduate, Zak Milofsky, during his most recent trip to America.

A series titled, 'America Through Irish Eyes', which aims to examine a country that is currently going through some deeply significant cultural problems. The photos were taken in New York City and New York State and like many of Zaks collections, he places emphasis on using people as his muses.

By looking at how people are interacting with each other and their environment it is easier for the consumer to gauge what life is like in the Big Apple during a time of social unrest and how people are living within a sprawling city at this time.

Zak remarked that:

'Summer 2015 - sitting in a midtown bar, an Irish man asked if I had caught the bug. I was confused, slightly concerned. Turns out at around my age, twenty years ago, he caught it. Since then New York has become his home and he hasn’t looked back. This series is comprised of candid snapshots that reflect the vibrant colours and scenes I witnessed in New York during the late summer. I have just booked my sixth trip to NY in recent years, so yeah, guess I’ve caught the bug.''

Check out the photos below and find more of Zak's work on his Instagram and website.

Zak Milofsky
25th October 2017

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