Grab 'em by the Poster!

So It's Been Over a Year Since Trump Came Into Power. Now there's a Book that outlines each week of his Presidency with a Poster. It's Cool af!

Andy Beller is an American graphic designer currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

He has recently completed a project in which he designed a poster once every week for the first year of the Trump presidency, which has been compiled into a book entitled 'Grab 'Em By The Poster'.

Below are some examples of the posters, which juxtapose quotes from Trump and the media with halftone dot photos, typography, and illustrations in order to create a historical record of the events of his first year in office.

His goal throughout the project was to practice a form of visual journalism, highlighting his most ridiculous quotes and actions, while sticking to the facts and not doing too much editorializing. The book functions as a way to relive the year week by week, and reminds readers of stories they've surely forgotten in the insanity of the news cycle during the Trump administration.

You can pick up the pick in High Rollers or by contacting Andy here

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