Andy Mynes

Andy Mynes

FAC talked to Andy Mynes, an online menswear Stylist for a Dublin department store on how he went from part time sales associate to head office level.

Firstly, you can start off by introducing yourself.

Im Andy Mynes, 27, from Swords and I work as a menswear stylist for a leading department store in Dublin.

How did you get interested in what you are doing?

I used to get stick for what I wore. People used to slate me in school but then I left and people started complimenting me. Saying in niteclubs that I liked your style, you have good taste man and stuff like that. It started to give me confidence in what I liked. People started stopping me and asking about what influences me and that. And I do the same nowadays, that’s what I like about Dublin at the moment. The city is growing. Dublin deserves more creative outlets, cause the talents there. You really have to appreciate it.

Whats your plans for the future?

Just to learn to do new things man. I am currently teaching myself photoshop so when I go do a course in it soon I will be ahead of the game. My main aim is to learn new skills and implement them into stuff I already know.

That’s a great mindset to have. Have you always thought like that?

I have been working in fashion in one way or another for the last 5 to 6 years. You gain so much knowledge from it without knowing, as well as so much characteristic. I remember going to some meetings and giving my perspective and then thinking to myself, how did I even develop that way of thinking. Just from learning man. I am always looking to learn and improve. The hardest thing though is knowing when to capitalize on your knowledge, knowing what to improve and when to implement the changes. That’s what im learning now.

So how did you start off in your store?

Just on the floor. Part time sales. I was in college in DIT for two years. Worked in JD during that, finished college and then applied to Brown Thomas and got a job there. I first of all set my main aim to get to a VM level. I did that. Done the styling for the windows, done the styling for the menswear mannequins. I just gained so much experience. I started looking past the clothes as things people want to buy; like how they fit, what you can style with what and then how each season brings a new trend. Then I started learning how the trends work. I started to see whats coming way before others.

That’s when it can get fun right? Spotting things that are right in front of your eyes but are missed by 99% of people.

That’s when it does get fun. I found myself firstly dressing mannequins how I wanted to dress but you have to think about the customer. You have to think about every single customer base that could walk into your store and also try think a season ahead. That’s where I have fun. That’s where you can start playing around with things. It is really cliché of me to say this but it is a blank canvas. Somedays I walk in and think ‘I have tailoring today, what can we do that’s different?' …stuff that people haven’t seen or are afraid to try.

So how do you see yourself progressing in your field?

It’s not that the same can become boring, but I want to progress quickly. Take my opportunities as they come but use my experience and knowledge to get me there. I want to get into consultancy. I believe I see things well and I want to help people with problems they may have image wise. Building trust with a client to create a joint vision. Creative collaborating is key in a team. Especially if working with a team of professionals.

What do you see as your influences?

Social media man. Social media has opened everything up to different generations. Interests grow at a young age and the opportunity with it is incredible. One of the coolest things I have seen recently is Kanye. He didn’t make and produce a collection to show. He just put it on his wife and on her Instagram.

That was genuinely genius wasn’t it? So simple that it was amazing.

His wife was a muse. How much did he save money wise doing that but in return got twice as much exposure as any brand in the last few seasons. Incredible. People are getting professional with their social media. It’s great to watch.

On a side note, what do you think of Dublin now with regards to this?

Its even better. Artists sharing others work. Ireland is growing, not as hateful as it once was. A small hip-hop scene that’s coming on. The city is really growing and I think one day people might be like ‘why do I have to leave?’ That’s all you heared before. Im going here and not coming back but why can’t we make Dublin that place. I would love to be settled in New York but at the end of the day I like building and watching the culture grow in Dublin.

Talking to the lad its hard not to admire him and his mentality. He created his job, 5 years ago it wasn’t a job here. That is great to see and shows you if you want to do something then just go for it and make it happen. He encourages self growth adn for the city as well as encouraging people to do their own thing regardless if its his vibe or not.

Get in contact with him here if you have any questions to ask him, he is the kinda lad who will reply and throw out a hand to anyone who wants one.

Author: Adam Nolan-Horan


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