Belfast Then and Now

'Belfast Then and Now' is a photography series by Conall Kearney that focuses on how Belfast has developed since 'The Troubles'

At a time when the Northern Irish question is popping up again, with people asking if their will be a hard border or not. If Brexit will bring us back to a time of unstability, we at FAC decided to showcase a photography series about how much the country has grown by looking at juxtaposed scenes from Northern Irelands capital. 'Belfast Then and Now' aims to show how a modern Belfast is far from the time when locals communities were at war and armies maintained the peace. Have a look at the foreword from the artist himself, Conall Kearney, below.

Foreword: 'Photographically I have been exploring Belfast's troubled past in which my generation did not experience but do however feel its effects. I have overlayed photos that show how much conflict once impacted the city with its peaceful modern day equivalent. Through these images I want to show that despite all its faults the city has infact moved on and the landscape has changed but we should never forget what once took place on these streets and vow never to return to those dark days.'

Author: Adam Nolan-Horan


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