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This recruitment campaign is gas!
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The search for the young vote goes on as Fianna Faíl's youth group Ógra attempt to relate to the smash hit show, Game of Thrones in their new recruitment campaign. However, this is a ridiculous comparison between Leo Varadkar as the Night King and Michael Martin as Jon Snow, for two reasons mainly: the first being that they are essentially the same party already at war with each other and secondly, by the time the last season of GOT is out, neither of these will be anywhere near getting into power. Also is Germany Danerys in this situation? Anyways...

Following the Irish Civil War, two political parties emerged; Fianna Fáil and Cumann na nGaedheal (who would later go on to be renamed Fine Gael). These two parties were the leftovers from the Sinn Féin split and represented either side of the partition movement, with Fine Fail being set up by Eamon DeValera to oppose the separation from Northern Ireland. Cumann Na Gaedheal represented those who favoured the split and the creation of the 26 county Republic of Ireland.

In a nutshell that is why Fine Fail and Fine Gael are two separate parties still and have never joined in a coalition together. There is still bad blood between the two sides but the real question is why? In Irish politics today, both parties have very similar ideals and policies. The comparison between the two sides as two warring groups seems to represent the idea that the two parties still feel they are two sides of the same coin.


It is difficult to see why this grudge is still being held; if both parties joined together and recognized their modern similarities rather than their previous differences then it could lead to a very prosperous coalition. We live in a country that’s economics are geared towards agriculture, pharmaceuticals and tech companies. This is a very healthy economic model for the future of Ireland and one that will be strengthened with BREXIT. Moreover, socially these two parties promote liberal ideals that are not just populist but ideals that are helpful to a lot of demographics in this country, such as the YES Equality Movement.


The failure to link up or at least have the option of a possible future coalition is only playing into the hands of Sinn Féin and their ability to relate to the masses of Irish Society with an extremely populist yet left manifesto. Due to this, one finds it hard to look past Sinn Féin getting into power in 2021 and it is difficult to blame their voters when the parties are laid out in front of you. Even with a former paramilitary leader in charge.


However, I find it very difficult to see these parties getting over their historic grudges despite my 5 year old sisters realisation that a grudge will get you nothing but an inflated ego. Gas comparison all the same, as just like the two characters being compared, these two parties have been chasing the proverbial dragon ever since the ’08 crash. If these parties really wanted to help the youth of this country then give us what we want, lower the tuition fees or solve the rent crisis. Don't compare yourself to the biggest show on TV.

Adam Nolan-Horan
7th September 2017

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