Joyce NG

Around The Globe: NY Photographer, Joyce NG.

A Fashion Communications graduate from Central Saint Martins in London, Joyce's route into photography has not been a straightforward one. Yet her photos display a fresh perspective that is unseen in the works of many of her more conventionally qualified peers; showcasing the characteristics of those in front of the lens as well as her own behind it.

Joyce has stated that she feels her photographic style is 'so difficult' to describe. This could be down to her educational background; studying Fashion Communications, Joyce looked at all elements of the fashion industry other than design itself. Her photos encapsulate this viewpoint; placing emphasis on the environment and the model as much as the final composition of her photos.

As her style showcases her models, joyce puts a lot of thought into her castings, looking for people who look 'authentic' to her, people who may not be comfortable in front of a camera but ones who she can build a relationship with. This is shown in a shoot she did for 1 Granaryin which she shot a half Sri Lankan/half South American family that she met while attending a market in London. Her relationship developed with the family so well that they allowed her to shoot them in their ownhome.

It is this connection that is evident in Joyce's photos and what gives them their spark. Her willingness to stay true to her subject has seen Joyce delve into the realm of fashion photography, recently travelling to Ivory Coast to shoot a local up and coming designers new collection. This step could prove successful for Joyce in the future as she looks to expand her work commercially and appeal to the masses, something which fashion definitely offers.

You can follow Joyce's new works on her instagram at Joyce_cs9

Adam Nolan-Horan
10 August 2017

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