Bunsen Photography Presents MELT

Emerging Irish Talent in the Fashion Industry Pay Attention

MELT is a belfast based collaborative fashion collective representing and giving a platform too emerging young Designers. With the greater goal of bringing together all different creative personalities and building an openly accessible space and atmosphere to nurture creativity.

The video itself rather than being a regular format fashion film, attempts to create a small narrative if the events of the night from start to finish in a styalised documentation manner, while focusing on the style, Karl also wanted to display the human element of the event as he felt the community itself was as important as the clothes. To do this he blended in the hyper stylised fashion sequences with shots of the after party, people enjoying themselves at the event and most importantly

An extended sequence in which he brought models designers and attendees to a specific, unchanging location and using a 50mm prime lens created a series of similar moving portraits to try and capture the individual personalities of the people in attendance before blending them back into an overarching personality of the event by means of a hypercut.

Karl O'Reilly is an award winning photographer, has worked for the likes of Tony Kelly Photography (GQ,RAMP STYLE) has had is work in the irish examiner and multiple exhibitions. Karl is available to hire for short films, corporate films, fashion and music videos and much more. Contact BunsenMedia@gmail.com or visit his company website BunsenMedia.com.

Author: Adam Nolan-Horan

December 6th

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