Art On The Battlefield


Given that Ireland is a small country with modest funding, I find it incredibly interesting to see what An Garda Síochana or The Irish Defence Forces get up to on a daily basis. Whether that be the Garda bragging about the couple ounces they’ve managed to seize this week or the army showing us the boys in Lebanon flying Dublin flags for the All-Ireland Final. Other than a quick laugh, there usually isn’t much real substance to these pages, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see a fresh and creative look at a military training process in the Glen of Imaal this week.

The 111th Infantry Battalion took their artillery assets out at night as part of their pre-deployment training before they head off to South Lebanon. What I’m sure is usually a very powerful display across the Wicklow Mountains was captured imaginatively by photographer Mark McGuiness. By using a simple tri-pod and long exposure setup he managed to create a world seen only in the likes of Red Alert or StarCraft, with the Irish army now appearing to wield the power of Tesla Cannons.

We here at FAC love to seen innovations and creativity, particularly when it comes from state run operations such as the military who are known for their rigid structure and we hope to see a lot more of this in future.

You can check out the full gallery below.

Author: Jordan Kenny
18th Novermber 2017
Photographer: Mark McGuiness
Photos Courtesy of Irish Defense Forces

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