Why Bono is a Dickhead

People moaned cause I called Bono a dickhead, so heres why I think so.

Firstly, Bono is an absolute tax dodging schmuck. He owns an absolute fortune in city centre property, including the Workmans Club, where you go and smoke your rollies outside all night while paying too much money for dirt pints of lager. Aside from this, he has a huge income worldwide from music royalties, commercial deals, concerts etc. Yet he pays his taxes in offshore accounts rather than helping the country he was born and raised sort their healthcare and homeless problems. Easy one for you to do, is go build a few hostels and even blare your music in them if you want. The homeless will not care that much as long as they are not hearing people say shit about them in the streets. Even if it was that pox you released with Apple.


With regards to that, U2 are washed up af. So far up Apples minimalist hole that they took money for an album before it went on sale cause he knew it wouldn’t sell. So decided to take corporate money and ‘give it to the people for free.’ Stop lad, you only boosted their sales and iTunes downloads and even then when people realized it was a dirt album they couldn’t delete it for ages. With your other corporate ties, you own stakes in Forbes Magazine. A publication that absolutely glorifies net worth and incomes. So much for being a humanitarian.

Next point. Are you actually a humanitarian? I kinda think of Bono as that priest who tells you when the collection is happening at mass. Yep, that goon. As George Bernard Shaw said ‘clergymen are professional hypocrites’ – the ideals they profess are hard to sustain in practice. So I will cut you slack on that, all Saints had their bad sides, but for Gods sake why do you preach at the working class for not helping? You came from a well off background you patronizing piece of shit.

Bono is therefore, in my eyes anyway, an opportunistic humanitarian. Someone who literally looks for the praise of his charity work and when it comes he gladly accepts it. He is essentially a shit that Bob Geldof took in the 80’s and somehow got all his talent and a bit of his humanitarianism in exchange. Unfortunate for Geldof cause he hadn’t got much talent to start with. You were the real charity case of Live 8 pal. No lies.

Bono is also so oppressive at times. He talks down to those around him but seeks to make the work a better place? Yeah pal, alright. In your quest to be a patron you just became patronizing. Maybe this happened around the time you started taking money off Rupert Murdoch to part take in public speeches. Yes this has happened. Maybe cause of the ‘Elevation Partners’ group he founded and fronts, which has gained so much personal income from shady tech deals that barely ever get reported on cause the people involved in it control the mass media…hmmm interesting. Message us if you want to know more, ill happily link you stuff.

Other than that, take off the sunglasses you washed up millionaire scrotebag.

Author: Adam Nolan-Horan
March 12

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