Fawk Yeah Skateboards

Fawk Yeah Skateboards

Few Lads from the Northside Have Made a Skateboarding Team and Label. Sweet!

Fawk Yeah are a skateboard company based in North Dublin. Starting out in 2015 and growing steadily since to the point they now have a team of skaters, are selling custom boards as well as a clothing line.

As they are a small team, they produce their stock in limited runs to increase the demand and gain a loyal following in the process Team manager Conor stated:

'we sell 50 boards of the same graphic every time and then leave it and make a new one. We design them ourselves and get them made abroad and shipped over from Spain. The boards are made in the same factory as big brands like Flip, Sk8mafia, Jart and Habitat skateboards. At the minute we’ve just kicked off with the clothes, so we have T’s, hoodies, and we have different t-shirts and hats releasing next week.'

Mainly marketed through social media, amassing a following of 1500 followers across their platforms and are also in the process of developing a website that they hope to launch by March. On which you will be able to buy some merch and decks. Their aim is to push the brand throughout Ireland and also break the UK market in the process.


A few of the team members are into photography and videography and this has resulted in some really cool edits being made. Something that was happening way before the company was even set up. With Conor again commenting that 'this is where we have the most fun and get to be as creative as we want'.

A small team of 7; FAWK YEAH have team riders, who skate the companys boards and post with them online and push sales for us like that. Aside from photographers and cameramen, graphic designers are also involved in the brand. So even though it may be small they definitely have the right people involved and that's without even letting them step on a board. As they are still in the process of establishing themselves, most team members work full time around their company commitments and others are in college. The long term aim is to make this their full time job and the biggest skate company to come out of Ireland.


Team riders, Jack Fennel, Nathan Treacy, Karolis Pausa and Darragh Forrester.

Team manager: Conor O'Reilly

Photographers: Juliano Isufaj, Nathan Treacy and Conor O'Reilly.

Filmers: Juliano & Conor

Graphic designers/ Artists: Adam Cox & Juliano Isufaj

FAWK YEAH Skateboards

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