We Just Used To Like

Laois based photographer Jordan Hearns takes an intimate look at the electronic music scene in small-town Ireland.

If you have ever been to one of Ireland's many small towns you will have experienced a sparse night life, usually consisting of a single main street with a handful of pubs and night clubs sprinkled throughout. Enter any of these venues on any given Saturday night and you will find the same people listening to the same music and having the same conversations. As a young artist trying to break free from small-town constraints, these places can often be quite suffocating. A motive to break the mold and create something new is formed.

It was this  motive that spurred three Portloaise lads to create a night of their own. Jordan Hearns and his two friends set up 'Arcade', an intimate electronic night with inspiration from rave beginnings in the late 80's, early 90's. A familiar tale in Dublin, but a bold project in the Midlands. 

Being a photographer himself, Jordan used this opportunity to document his surroundings, creating a body of work that emulates a certain time in a subjects life. It's very rare that the veil is lifted and we are given an insight into country life. You can peak behind the curtain and see Jordan's full series below. 



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