HAZEFACE - Painter

Showcasing Irish Artists, this time around we at FAC are looking at painter, Hazel Farrell or 'HAZEFACE.'

Describing my work is an ever-changing and flaky conquest. It’s meaning? Anyone’s guess. I like it that way. I create because I have to. I’ve been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.

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I am an impulsive, expressive jack of all trades (master of some). My work, though mainly acrylic, has mixed media tendencies. It is abstract in nature, though often reverts to a realistic approach to accommodate certain commissions.

Over the years I have incorporated many disciplines. Challenging myself to artistry's such as mural painting, millinery, dress making and just last week I was commissioned to paint a hurl. I owe much of my ability to my studies of fibre art and textile design and also to my 7 years experience as a face painter, albeit usually painting butterflies on children, invaluable experience nonetheless.

Music infinitely inspires me. When I hear a profound piece of music (usually electronic) it sparks visuals. I build on those colours and shapes in my head until I can find the nearest sketchpad.

I can’t say that I have a routine. I create when it feels good to create and just let it be that. I like to keep my artistic endeavours fun and true to my expression.

Author: Hazel Farrell. Edited by Adam Nolan-Horan
Paintings Courtesy of Hazel Farrell

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