For the Love of Dublin

For the Love of Dublin

Cruiser Clothing are making garms inspired by passion for their home city. The label has released two drops so far, featuring social satire and some of Dublin’s upcoming hip-hop talent.

The first drop features a tee with the brand name Cruiser blended into the Tesco logo, a slick satirical take on an instantly recognisable symbol of working-class consumerism. The back of the tee features an image of a Tesco outlet you’d find in many of the suburbs of our city. The look book is shot on film at classic Dublin locations, including various blocks of flats and the rooftop of Stephen’s Green shopping centre.


For their second drop, their look book features three young Irish underground rappers, Maliki, King Key and Smokey, aligning with their slogan “for the love of Dublin.” The photos are situated along the south Dublin coast, one of the more picturesque locations in this urban landscape. Suss them flicks with the Dart flying by in the background, deadly.


The second drop tees and jumpers feature the cruiser name boxed centrally on the front, with the slogan plastered on the back with a cartoon character drawn underneath. The tees were available in white and black and went for €25 but sold out quick while a few jumpers, exclusively in black, are still going for €40.

Passion for Dublin is something FAC is completely behind, the more we show love for the city the more it will grow. Power to Cruiser and we hope their progress continues.

Float over to Cruiser's Instagram to get the last of the second drop and stay up to date on any upcoming projects - including a event featuring some of Ireland's finest talent - and make sure to browse the look book galleries below.

Drop One

Drop Two

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