Balenciaga & the $1000 "Supermarket Shopper" Shopping Bags

For those who can't deal with just having average Lidl & Dunnes Stores Shopping bags, Don’t worry Balenciaga has got you covered.
balen 3.jpg

Balenciaga has Recently Previewed Supermarket bags inspired by "Disposable plastic bags." Bit like that Pussys Club. That can now be Pre-ordered on Balenciaga's official webstore.

The Bags are made from Lambskin which doesn’t make them as disposable as their inspiration The bags feature 3 different types of prints one with "The Power of Dreams" another with "Europe" and the last Balenciaga's Double B logo above the letters EU printed 3 times below each other.

So if you're going grocery shopping now you wont have to do it the average way, even though the bags are only medium sized.

Author: Fortune Lago

December 18

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