Preview to 'Contactless Sheets' - Anthony O' Connor

Anthony O'Connor is a Media Graduate from NCAD. He has sent us in this collection as a lead up to a much anticipated series called 'Contactless Sheets' in which he is examining the role of a photographer as a curator rather than a creator.

Anthony is looking at incorporating the medium of display and process into his process rather than just capturing. This collection aims to showcase his mentality over the last few months while coming up with the idea behind 'Contactless Sheets.' Recently he has gone through a tough break up and has been sporadically moving country with no fixed place to live.

Anthony has stated he is in a very lonely place and is sleeping in a bed that isn't his own. Something that is difficult to grasp unless it is experienced first hand. This collection aims to focus in on his isolated circumstances, almost playing on the word 'Contact.' His aim from the start of the collection was to use the full roll of film as a method to discuss his mentality in a very transparent way.

You can view the collection below and keep an eye on FAC for any word on his upcoming series.

Adam Nolan-Horan

2nd January 2018

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