ADER ERROR Unveil Their 'SS18 Resort Collection'

The Lookbook titled 'Mobile Space' Grabs Inspiration From Social Media Screenshots.

Living in a world in which we capture more images looking at our phones than looking at the world past your screen it is interesting to see Ader Error take the screenshot photography concept to the fashion world. Social Media sites like Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr have been used as style inspiration for years, with friends sending each other cool looks they like. Ader Error have cut out the middle man and are now giving you the screenshots directly. This is a genius piece of marketing. In our modern world a screenshot like this is far more relatable to their demographic than your standard location shot. People would be quicker to notice the screenshot than the location and this straight away draws their attention.

The collection itself is nice. Some cool graphics, nice shapes. The kinda stuff you expect from Korean designers. Good silhouettes, unisex designs and heavy branding. FAC special mention goes to the look on the right. That looks chill af.

Author:Adam Nolan-Horan


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