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Our Mate Jack is a Dude with High Standards. This Time He Reviews His Own Jerk Chicken Recipe As Well As Giving You Broke A** Students the Recipe That Serves 2. Enjoy!
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I was first introduced to Jerk Chicken by my Mam. I was born in Wycombe England, a city which I’m told at the time had a large Caribbean population. My parents have told me stories of this little hole in the wall they would go to called ‘’The Caribbean Kitchen’’ and how its owner and head chef Levi would serve some of the best food they’ve ever had, despite being ‘’stoned out of his mind’’. We left Wycombe to come to Dublin when I was just over a year old and while we may have left the Caribbean Kitchen behind, my mam continues to blow my mind with her Jerk Chicken. This is a recipe I’ve developed from my Mam’s and its constantly changing, so don’t get too hung up on specifics. It’s a starting point, tailor it to you taste buds.

For the Chicken

I use chicken thighs bone in, with the skin removed. The thighs are a fatty cut so they have a lot of flavour. I like the bone in too for the extra flavour. Start by jabbing the thighs with a knife so the seasoing can see in to the meat. Coat the thighs in a casserole dish with the olive oil and lime juice. Then add the jerk seasoning and the sliced chili. Make sure to coat the thighs evenly. Ideally marinade the thighs for at least 12hrs in the fridge. After marinating, bake the thighs at 240C for about 1hr. Half way through cooking, turn the thighs over and make sure to baste them in the juices. Make sure your chicken is cooked through before serving!

Rice & Peas

Wash ½ cup of basmati rice under cold water to remove excess starch. Add to a pan with 1cup of water and season with salt, pepper, ground cumin and Tumeric. Cumin and Tumeric aren’t essential but they make for vibrant and fragrant rice. Make sure you have a lid that fits the pot, cover and bring the water to a boil. Once boiling, quickly add a handful of cooked, drained kidney beans, stir and put the lid back on. After 10min, the rice should have absorbed all the water. Fluff it with a fork and let stand for another couple of minutes.

Fried Plantain
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Slice a ripe plantain into 1cm thick slices and fry in a little oil until caramelzed on both sides. I like mine with some salt and brown sugar. Simple as.


I like to leave the plantain until the last minute, while the rice is cooking. Serve with a wedge of fresh lime and sliced green onion or cilantro, or both!

Author: Jack Wilton


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