Fac Looks Back: Jim FitzPatrick

An Irish Artist and a Cuban Revolutionary walk into a bar, what results is one of the most iconic images of the 20th century.


The State of Irish Hip-Hop

Irish rap is like marmite, people either love it or hate it.” Alfie South and Don Kobz discuss the Irish hip hop scene



Graffiti Dublin: This time we look at AMPES.


 Fac Focus: Andy Mynes

FAC chatted to Andy Mynes, the online menswear stylist for a leading Dublin department store about how he found his career path in the fashion industry


Dublin by the Street

Second edition of the series documenting our fair city


Grab 'Em By The Poster

Dublin Based, American Designer, Andy Beller has released a book outlining the first year of Trumps presidency through 52 posters. Its Deadly!

Irish Brands: Late 2n SS18

New Season by Waterford Based Brand, Late 2n


North Face's Purple Label

North Face collab with Japanese label, Nanamica for their Purple Label's Summer Collection. 


Nike 97 TN Hybrid

Chats about Chats: The best yokes we have seen from this new hybrid phase that Nike are going through at the moment.

FAC Presents a Skate Edit Featuring the Members of the Clongriffin Killer Bee's. Check it out!